More On Government Gunrunners

More On Government Gunrunners
By Chuck Baldwin
September 8, 2011

My column last week focused on the federal government’s covert
program to directly supply firearms to Mexican drug cartels. The
program was discovered by a congressional investigation after a
Mexican gang using a firearm–or firearms–supplied to it by the ATF,
murdered a US Border Patrol agent.

See my column at:

A subsequent article written by Justin Raimondo sheds even more light
on this disgusting debacle. Raimondo writes, “While the US military
is being sent overseas in search of monsters to destroy, ignoring the
good advice of the Founders, closer to home another war is
brewing–right on the US-Mexican border. Border Patrol agent Brian A.
Terry, killed on Dec. 21 near Rio Rico, Arizona, was murdered by drug
cartel gunmen–using weapons smuggled across the US-Mexican border
under the auspices of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

“While the cartels shoot up half of Mexico, and terrorize the other
half, it seems they’ve been getting a helping hand from those
geniuses in Washington, whose ‘law enforcement’ agencies knowingly
allowed sophisticated firearms to be smuggled across the border, into
Mexico. As BATF special agent John Dodson told the House Oversight

“‘This is not a matter of some weapons that had gotten away from
us or allowing a few to walk so that we could follow them to a much
larger significant target. Allowing loads of weapons that we knew to
be destined for criminals was the plan. This was the mandate.

“‘ATF is supposed to be the guardians–the sheep dogs that
protect against the wolves that prey upon us–especially along our
southern border. But rather than meet the wolf head on, we sharpened
his teeth, added number to his claws, all the while we sat idly by
watching, tracking, and noting as he became a more efficient and
effective predator.’

“This goes way beyond mere ‘blowback’–the CIA’s terminology
for actions that produce unintended and unpleasant consequences.
Because it’s hard to fathom exactly what was intended–unless it was
the desire to sow chaos in Mexico and create a new threat to US
citizens in the border states.”

Raimondo goes on to write, “Governments don’t allow such large
weapons shipments to pass over their borders to foreign customers
without having some foreign policy objective in mind–and, when it
comes to the empire-builders in Washington, what other purpose could
it be than the expansion of the imperial frontiers?

“Brushing aside the official explanation and excuses, when you look
at what Operation Fast and Furious actually accomplished–the arming
and consolidation of a military force currently fighting Mexico’s
armed forces–the conclusion that we are actively involved in
destabilizing the Mexican government is hard to avoid. It is a simple
statement of fact.”

Raimondo continues, “The embattled Mexican government has barely
been able to keep order, as the cartels rampage through the country,
slaughtering thousands and dominating entire provinces: dead bodies
keep turning up in droves, and it seems like a day hardly passes
without some spectacular display of violence in a major Mexican city.
Whole police forces are deserting, not out of disloyalty but out of
fear–fear that the government is losing its grip and the drug cartels
are about to take over.

“In this context, to put thousands of weapons in the hands of
highly-organized criminals is inconceivable-unless the plan is to
bring the Mexican government down and create chaos.”

Then, Raimondo draws a particularly astute observation by saying,
“For years, our elites have been trying to forge links among the
three nations that make up North America: ‘free trade’ zones that
aren’t free, coordination of military and law enforcement agencies,
etc. Some are even proposing a somewhat loopy-sounding ‘North
American Union,’ supposedly with its own currency–the
‘Amero’–although officials (and the mainstream media) deny it,
claiming it’s a rumor started by the hated ‘conspiracists.’ In
the face of this criminal conspiracy carried out with the
collaboration of several US government agencies, however, one has to
wonder about the real purpose of Operation Fast and Furious.

“With Mexico at the mercy of US-armed drug gangs, and the central
government in Mexico City about to lose control, the introduction of
US troops to ‘keep order’ is entirely within the realm of
possibility. In that case, the North American Union will become a
reality, in fact if not in the formal sense–and the latter can be
arranged quickly enough.

“Call me a ‘conspiracist,’ if it makes you feel better, but
when it comes to the crack-brained schemes of our wise rulers, it
seems to me there’s no limit to their ability to sow tragedy and
terror wherever they tread. They did it in Iraq, they’re doing it in
Afghanistan, and they’ve been doing it for decades throughout the
world–why should Mexico be immune?”

See Raimondo’s column at:

I ask readers, can the US government’s foreign policy get any
worse? The answer is probably YES! It’s been getting worse for a
long time, and absent a President in Washington, D.C., with the mental
acumen and the internal fortitude to put a stop to it, it WILL get a
lot worse!

Globalist elitists have been extremely influential in America’s
foreign policy since the administration of Woodrow Wilson, and they
have thoroughly dominated America’s foreign policy since the
administration of George Bush I. Surprisingly, the last President to
attempt to defy the globalists might have been John F. Kennedy. And
look what happened to him.

I had a retired US Air Force Brigadier General–who had experience in
both the Pentagon and the White House–tell me that Kennedy was
murdered for three reasons: 1) He wanted to abolish the Federal
Reserve, 2) He wanted to dismantle the CIA, 3) He wanted to bring US
forces home from Vietnam. All three of those plans, if enacted, would
have struck at the very heart of the globalists’ evil machinations
for America. A phony, fiat money system, constant foreign
entanglements and intervention, and perpetual foreign wars is the holy
trifecta of the globalist agenda.

When will voters, especially conservative and Christian voters, wake
up to the reality that electing a “conservative” or
“Christian” President is absolutely meaningless unless this
President understands the globalist make-up of America’s current
foreign policy and would be willing to risk his life to undo it! This
is why Ron Paul is the only Presidential candidate who would make any
difference in Washington, D.C. Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman,
Palin, Perry, Romney, and Santorum are either clueless in this regard,
or in the case of Gingrich and Perry, are active fellow-travelers in
the march toward a globalist New World Order. Ron Paul is the only
candidate who not only “gets it” but also is adamantly opposed to

So, while Americans are focused on Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and
Yemen (and, yes, these wars fit in with the globalists’ agenda as
well), the US government is busy stirring up war and revolution a
whole lot closer to home. And if you think it doesn’t matter whether
a constitutionalist President (Christian or not) is elected, you might
want to speak to the family of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.


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