Saudi Arabia: Eritrean Christian facing death penalty for sharing his faith with Muslims

Saudi Arabia: Eritrean Christian facing death penalty for sharing his faith with Muslims

Islam forbids Christian proselytizing, and mandates death for those who leave Islam. Yet in an astoundingly biased article about our successful freedom of speech court case against Detroit’s SMART transit authority for refusing to run our religious liberty bus ads, Victor Begg of Hamas-linked CAIR made this claim:

The “Quran states ‘there is no compulsion in religion’ so those who want to leave Islam can freely do so,” Begg, the senior adviser for the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan, added.
So why are the Saudis holding Mussie Eyob, and why is he facing death? Will Victor Begg denounce the Saudis’ behavior and demand his release, and explain how the Saudis are misunderstanding Islam?

“Christian evangelist faces death penalty in Saudi Arabia,” from Barnabas Aid, April 4 (thanks to Weasel Zippers):

An Eritrean Christian is facing the death penalty in Saudi Arabia after being arrested for sharing his faith with Muslims.
Mussie Eyob was detained by the authorities at a mosque in Saudi’s second largest city, Jeddah, on 12 February. He had gone there to meet and talk with local Muslims after speaking about Christianity at the Eritrean Embassy for three days. Eyob was arrested for preaching to Muslims, an offence that carries the death penalty in Saudi Arabia.

Eyob, who was initially assumed to have mental health problems, was examined by doctors, who confirmed that he is fit for trial and sentencing. He was then transferred to the notorious high-security Briman Prison. His family are very concerned for his welfare there.

They visited Eyob on 20 March and found that he had lost weight, though he was in relatively good spirits. He said that he is ready to die for his faith in Christ.

Eyob, who committed to follow Christ just over two years ago, felt compelled to share his faith with local Muslims, despite the danger….


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