Palestinians fire 50 rockets into southern Israel

19 March 2011: Before the first missiles were fired into Libya today, southern Israel was hit with at least 50 rockets from Gaza – compliments of the Palestinians. Despite the barrage of rockets from the Palestinians, only two Israeli homes were reportedly damaged and two Israelis slightly injured. Israel responded with air strikes on several Hamas posts in Gaza and will file a formal complaint with the United Nations.

Last week, Israel seized a ship smuggling tons of weapons destined for use by Gaza Palestinian terrorists. According to published reports, the arms included six C-704 radar-guided anti-ship missiles, thousands of mortar shells and almost 67,000 assault rifle bullets for AK-47s. The arms were reportedly shipped from Iran.

The rockets came from Gaza, where Barack Hussein Obama had given $400 million in U.S. taxpayer aid last year ostensibly to build schools, hospitals and for other humanitarian purposes.



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