THE DANGER OF “ADAPTING” CCM – VICTOR SEARS’ WARNING (Friday Church News Notes, March 18, 2011,, 866-295-4143) – Many independent Baptist churches that still have a conviction against CCM are “adapting” it by using the words while toning down the rhythm. They are trying to take the “rock” out of Christian rock. They think they can tame the beast and turn charismatic praise music into fundamentalist praise music. This results in the gradual acceptance of and increasing use of CCM, the gradual allowance for sensual rhythms, a continual pushing of the boundaries. Many discerning men have issued warnings about this slippery slope, including Victor Sears. “Good fundamental Baptists and others that refuse the teachings of the charismatic crowd concerning tongues, signs, miracles, and so forth are NOW SINGING THEIR MUSIC in our churches and preparing our people for the world, the flesh and the Devil. It is the new Trojan Horse move … to deaden our churches to spiritual truth” (Sears, Baptist Bible Tribune, 1981). Victor Sears was a old-fashioned, down-to-earth, no-nonsense, “let’s not beat around the bush”  Baptist preacher. I never met the man or heard him preach in person that I can recall, but I thank God for the few things I have read from his pen. One is the the previous statement about the Trojan Horse character of CCM. Sears  issued this warning 30 years ago. He was definitely a prophet, because that was before CCM began to sweep into IB churches. But courageous old Victor Sears saw it as “the new Trojan Horse move … to deaden our churches to spiritual truth.” He recognized that CCM comes predominantly from the charismatic movement with its heretically bogus, demon-inspired tongues, signs and miracles. He warned about fundamentalist churches that “SING THEIR MUSIC.” Observe that he didn’t say that a church has to sing charismatic music in exactly the same way that they sing it. They just have to sing it to whatever tune they want, toned down as much as they want, and that CCM music becomes a trojan horse to deaden the church to the truth. Sears knew that the contemporary music brings a foreign philosophy, and he was deeply concerned about what was already beginning to happen in some IB churches. He was a leader in the Baptist Bible Fellowship International, and this was the first group of Independent Baptists that accepted the Trojan Horse. It first entered through the use of contemporary background tapes for singing specials. I recall attending a BBFI preachers conference in the 1980s. The music was CCM even then. The congregational singing was still very traditional and sacred, but when the special singers got up and they cranked up the background tape the atmosphere changed instantly from church to nightclub. The Trojan Horse also entered through the “adaption” of CCM by using the songs but toning down the rhythm. In light of these warnings, it is not surprising that the BBFI today has capitulated to the New Evangelical philosophy. The men of real conviction and moral courage left long ago.


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